Bringing A New Level of Street/Club Dance Pedagogy

Quilan “Cue” Arnold holds a Bard College Dance Program class in a partnership with the American Dance Festival Tuesday February 19, 2019, at Bard College in the Town of Red Hook, N.Y. [Photo by Karl Rabe for Bard College – MANDATORY CREDIT]

“On a national and international level, our dance field is changing dramatically. The possibilities of where to go, who to be, and how to “make it” in our craft are widening due to technology and the racial, ethnic, age, and gender diversification that our society is shifting towards. How do we prepare our dancers for a field that is constantly influx? By providing a curriculum that reflects the diversity of said field.

Quilan joins dance programs in their mission to prepare students for a diversifying professional dance world. He does this by providing workshops that derive from the African-American canon, and that are not currently prevalent within the curriculum.


1. Hip-hop Groove Foundation/Technique

2. Hip-hop History

3. African-American Social Dance History

4. Hip-hop/Street Dance Pedagogy (how to teach dance technique/history)

5. Curriculum consultant for incorporation of street styles


Matt Kujawinski
Candice Williams