Conditions 4 Change: A Pedagogical Cypher Review

3/24/21 An event co-led by Jessica Nicoll and Quilan Cue Arnold I’m witnessing my Asian-American colleague jump, shake, convulse her body as Lizzo tells our community to “fuck it up” through her song, “Tempo.” Digital displays of bodies pop on my Zoom screen in response to the vibrations that are virally spreading through the virtual [...]

Hip-hop Culture Interview

Featured Image: "The Shiva of the 5 Elements of Hip-hop" by O.T. Pasha aka PASHA I recently received some awesome questions from the BYU (Brigham-Young University) Hip-hop Club about the origins, dissemination, and current state of Hip-hop culture and Street/Club dances. I want to share it as I believe it can be a great resource [...]

“Maze” Fights to Conquer the Question: How does Street Dance Authentically Exist on the Concert Stage?

Show: “Maze” Venue: The Shed Dates: 7/24-8/17 Co-Directors: Reggie “Regg Roc” Gray and Kaneza Schaal Dancers: The D.R.E.A.M Ring and the FlexNYC program Critic: Quilan “Cue” Arnold   I entered into a vast black box that felt nothing of the sort. I was transported into a gallery-vibe where the audience members were sculptures of art—standing [...]

“This Is America” Review: The G.O.A.T of Dance Art?

Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino) “This is America” is one of the most genius works of contemporary art in the history of music videos. The piece’s balance between ambiguity, clarity and entertainment throughout its historic commentary on blackness in the United States is unrivaled. I have been seeing multiple responses to the video about how [...]