Praise Report: 30 Miracles that Led to Home Ownership

💥 I’m a home owner 🏠 All praise, glory, and honor to God. There’s no mistake— this is a miracle. There’s a list of miracles I could go through that led up to this moment, and I’m going through 30 of them because God deserves the utmost praise, and because y’know I just completed my 30th year 😁. The ultimate point is, God is the truth. They love me/us, and they want the best for me/us. I hope this testimony serves as a reminder.

  1. God saves me from dying in a 90 mph highway car crash although I was completely running away from God at the time
  2. God keeps me out of jail after engaging in criminal activity my freshman year
  3. God provides me a Mother, Dalia Arnold, who didn’t give up on me when I was in my darkest moments. She held my hand and helped me pull myself out of the gutter.
  4. God provides me the courage to pursue dancing as an undergrad major at Penn State although I had no experience within the field, no understanding of how dance could be a profession, and despite the fact that everyone I loved thought I was crazy
  5. God allows me to keep my full ride science scholarship through my transition to the arts. They do this through Dr. Craig Cameron. 
  6. God allows me to be granted a probation on my scholarship for a semester after I fell below the required gpa. This is when multiple people in my class, who stayed in the sciences, got their scholarship cut off right away after falling below the gpa. 
  7. God provides me $11k dollar gift from fellow church member, Bro. Bob Oliver, to return to college for my probationary semester.
  8. God shifts my heart from not caring about school/life to wanting to be great with the opportunities/life they gave me
  9. God provides me one Afro-Usonian mentor and Hip-hop practitioner, Kikora Franklin, in the midst of a tiny Euro-centric dance program that doesn’t even exist anymore. 
  10. God provides me a full ride scholarship and stipend to graduate school at The Ohio State University despite having only 3 years of dance experience, placing UCLA on my cover letter, and OSU’s system mistakenly claiming that I had a 2.1 gpa.
  11. God gets me through graduate school  despite failing my first end-of-the-year thesis exam every year.
  12. God provides me the resources to handle teaching 3 classes every semester while taking a full graduate course load for 3 years.
  13. God shifts the heart of my family’s relationship to me and art-as-career; traveling mid-way across the country to watch my thesis concert.
  14. God protects my mental health— and provides me favor— despite me being the only Afro-Usonian/Black/Brown male, the only Hip-hop practitioner, and the least experienced amongst my cohort within a Euro-centric/White institution and program. 
  15. God shifts the heart of a Euro-Usonian faculty member through my thesis. She says to me, “your work shifted the way I view Black men for the better.”
  16. God provides me a network of individuals within my cohort and faculty who would serve as the foundation to my career. So many to name; you know who you are. I love and thank you.
  17. God provides me an opportunity as a full time lecturer at Towson University despite them never laying an eye on me before I stepped onto campus fully hired. They did this through Susan Kirchner.
  18. God allows me to stay in Washington DC for free through the graciousness of my cousins Peter and Fiona. This allows me to live in NYC and DC to work in both locations. 
  19. During my back-and-forth commute, God provides me a gracious temporary romantic partner, Monique Dorroh, to keep me sane during one of the most resourcefully taxing seasons of my life. 
  20. God provides me the CHOICE to stay with Towson in DC or to fully move to NYC despite having little income there. 
  21. God graciously places Dina and Avi Nadler-Serber in my life to provide me a place to live for free while I hustled to make a life through dance, and then for cheap rent after I got on my feet
  22. God places the desire in my heart to be financially independent through real estate despite being an artist within one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world.
  23. God provides me the opportunities to do what I’ve dreamed of doing with dance: performing with artists who I’ve dreamed of working with, studying my cultural heritage through dance, sharing the learning lessons with others, uplifting artists who look like me
  24. God uses the pandemic to halt the hustle; providing me an opportunity to find a level of discipline, and a relationship with the dance craft, that I’ve never had before.
  25. God uses the multiple generations of wealth mentality and love in my family to help me journey towards home ownership. They do this through my Grandmother, Dorothy Arnold, and my parents, Harold and Dalia Arnold. 
  26. God provides me a full time position soon before they provide Avi, my gracious landlord, a full time position in California. This allows me to afford to move out of their house right when they would need me to leave after 4 years.
  27. God provides the resources necessary to purchase a house in one of the toughest real estate markets in the world
  28. God provided me a group of friends who supported me heavy within my moving process– Lisa Green, J. Bouey, Porshia Derival, Destany Churchwell, and more.
  29. Throughout the entire process, God had churned my heart/spirit to grow in relationship with them and be like Jesus Christ.
  30. God, not for a moment, left me even when I fell out of synch with them. They unapologetically loved me hard, repeatedly. And provided me a growing desire to do the same for others.

Photo Cred: Rachel ‘Sink’ Lindsay

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