Get Groovy

Overcome social dance fears by learning how to groove with Hip-hop dance moves!

Join 750+ students in pursuit of a more confident you through Hip-hop dance!



Enroll Now!

  • Learn different grooves in order to show you have rhythm
  • Learn how to let loose on the dance floor
  • Find confidence in yourself and in your body
  • Learn different moves in order to exemplify your groove
  • Learn how to combine different moves in order to create your own freestyle

“Get Groovy” is a course designed to help you better understand how to embody rhythm using Hip-hop dance concepts and vocabulary. After this course, you will obtain the tools to build your confidence and rip it up on any dance floor. Those insecurities that inhibit you from truly expressing yourself will fall away as we journey to discover a stronger, healthier, and more confident you!

This course is mainly for the every-day person; anyone who is interested in Hip-hop and wants to learn how to find their own groove will benefit tremendously from this experience. Beginning-to-intermediate dancers, especially if trained outside of Hip-hop, dancers will also be challenged to take their dancing to the next level!

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