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“Negus” Dance Film

Negus- noun: Kingship, royalty.

Inspired by the works of artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Kehinde Wiley, I wanted to explore different levels of identity and representation of the black male in the United States. “Negus” is a Hip-hop work that asks African-American males, where do we come from, who are we now, what values do we uphold, what obstacles do we face in this society, and how do we overcome them?

In asking these questions, “Negus” seeks to use Hip-hop as a way to portray the humanity of the black male figure. In doing so, it directly opposes the commercial rap world– a primary source for the portrayal of the stereotypical black man–and delves deeply into some complications about certain aspects of the African-American experience.

“Negus” premiered at Urban Art Space in Columbus, OH in January of 2016. This film both captures the essence of the original work and completely wrecks it simultaneously. Within the film aspects of controversy between who we are and who we could/should be are portrayed as well as lighter themes such as rhythm, fun, etc. I hope this helps give you a way into viewing the film and I hope you enjoy!



Hey y’all,

This is my second major film project from Ohio State. We were required to pick a piece of artwork and create a short movie based off of what inspired us.

I chose a piece of artwork of a Krump dancer in open space. There is no title or artist; however, this work has inspired me for years now. For me, it represents the freedom of giving yourself up to the Lord.

I used the artwork to create Faceless, a short film based off of the masks that individuals wear when they are interacting with others in society.

We rarely, if ever, show our entire selves when we are living amidst society. More so, we put on different masks to show portions of ourselves depending on our situation. This film explores the pressure that builds upon us as we put on these masks in order to be accepted and meet expectations in society; and then, the breath of freedom that comes with escaping society and allowing our true selves to be expressed without restraint.

I hope you enjoy and take something away from the piece. Blessings.

First Mark

Hey y’all,

“First Mark” is my first dance film project created here at Ohio State University. We were required to choreograph 2 movements and film the movements from 22 angles. Using our clips, we used our creativity to tell our own story.

The title represents the last name of the dancer, Mel Mark, and my first step into making a difference in the dance field here at OSU.

Special thanks to the dancer, Mel Mark. Freshman dance major at OSU.

Movement Lifestyle theTour Part 2

imagesMovement Lifestyle theTour Part 2

My video made it to the top 5 in the Movement Lifestyle Tour video contest! It is such an honor. To have the people who I look up to even pay attention to my work is such a blessing, but to be selected as a finalist is something that has been constantly blowing my mind. It is nice to know that some of my questions and pursuits are valued within both academia and general Hiphop culture. Even if I do not win, I believe that the process has helped me to funnel out some of the main aspects of my purpose as a dancer in this world. I’m so excited for the next 3 years and how that purpose will mold into tangible work that will affect the societies and cultures that I am a part of. Attached is a link of the blog of all of the 5 finalists. Below are the comments that the Movement Lifestyle judges say about my work.

“We loved Quilan’s personal and narrative take on the contest. In under two minutes we were able to feel his true passion, love, and dedication to dance, both in hip-hop and other forms. We were given chills by the last statement:

“Every day, I think about the importance of being consistently engaged within the hip-hop dance community, so I can carry it to worlds where hip-hop does not yet prevalently exist but needs to be. Being a part of the mL Tour would be a step in that direction.” 

If Quilan’s video is your favorite, make sure you share and promote it!”

-Movement Lifestyle Blog

Ian Eastwood Choreography

4849878401_8ac495934eIan Eastwood Choreography

It is amazing to see this guy grow. I don’t know him personally, but I feel like I do in a way. I have been following his work for three years now, and the growth that he has shown as a mover and a choreographer is amazing. I’m very excited to see where he goes in his career and what explorations he taps into as he becomes more infamous in the dance culture.