Movement Lifestyle Tour Contest

movement-lifestyleMovement Lifestyle Tour Contest

Movement Lifestyle (ML) is pretty much a monopoly within the Hiphop agency business over in Los Angeles. They have contracts with a lot of the top mainstream Hiphop choreographers and dancers that exist on the west coast. However, it is much more than an agency. It literally is a movement. The company’s members seem to be a community more than anything else. They dance in each others’ videos, vouch for each other to obtain professional jobs, teach at each others’ workshops, etc. The company is only a few years old, and yet it is currently one of the biggest known names within the Hiphop industry.

Many of the dancers within the ML company, I happen to be a devout follower of online and, therefore, am constantly following the activities and influence of the ML company. Recently, over the past two years, the leaders of ML have chosen to go on tour throughout the major cities in the country with some of their top dancers/choreographers to hold Hiphop workshops during certain weekends multiple times a year. From what I know, these workshops have almost always sold out and are very expensive. Hence why, as much as I would love to learn from these people, I just cannot ever go.

HOWEVER! From the gates of heaven, an opportunity has presented itself through the company that would allow me to go to a workshop for free. ML is hosting a video contest with a theme of “What Moves You?” And so, I decided to submit a video describing to them why I wanted to go to the event and what I feel moves me.

Whether or not I actually win the contest, it has been good for me to get another opportunity to try and articulate what it is I want to do for the field of dance. And at the same time, I was able to use some new editing techniques that I have discovered through my film studies class. So all in all, my education is having good practical use. Yay me!

So the link is posted. Check it out. It took me hours to make, so I figured that I should make good use of the video even if I don’t win. Wish me luck!

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  1. I’ve heard you say it in regard to other dancers/choreographers too: the way you follow people online. It sounds like you literally follow careers. Makes it clear how important online presence is and how important it is for you to keep making these videos about yourself regardless of winning or losing. The process of developing them and making them available to others seem crucial. I say, keep it up! The video was great. I love hearing you articulate your motivations and intentions. You develop clarity and purpose with every move!

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