4 Dimensions


Hey y’all,

This short dance film is my third and final project for my first semester at Ohio State University. The instructor allowed for this project to be completely open, no guidelines or restrictions for our creativity. I found it easy to conjure up an idea; however, I found it challenging to figure out how to make that idea become a reality throughout my filming and editing process. Because of the constant struggle and perseverance throughout this past month, I feel like I was able to create something that I am proud to present to you all.

This short film is inspired by a true event in my life. I was forced into isolation for four hours in a claustrophobic space, yet it felt like an entire day. Thoughts of my loved ones, my past actions, and my future goals were all whizzing through my mind without interruption. No matter how hard I tried, I could not sleep, could not eat, and could not stay still because of the anxiety that started to destroy my psyche while I was contained. Although it was one of the most tragic moments of my life, God helped me to use the experience to turn my life in a positive direction.

I wanted to share this with you all at this time of thankfulness because I am so grateful for this moment in my life and the inspiration it has given me to live better, and to create this film. I hope you all find a connection with something in the story and enjoy the 5-minute experience. Thank you for watching! Blessings.

P.S: Shout-out to the beautiful dancer Julie Kogan! Thank you so much for all your help in this process, I hope this work gives justice to your awesome-ness! Much love!

P.P.S: I wanted to give a shout-out to the amazing Hiphop choreographer, Ellen Kim. I used her choreography from “Back to Cali” by Biggie Smalls that I learned in Washington D.C at a Movement Lifestyle Tour. I really connected with the movement and wanted to experiment with using a Hiphop choreography in a different way.



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