Translation duets #2: translating between bodies

This process with Sarah has been short but so enriching. Solely noticing the difference in preferences as movers, I would never guess that we would have so much in common as people! Because of our strong similarities and differences, however, we’re able to constantly grow and sharpen each other both inside and outside of the studio! This process has been a great exemplification of a cherished friendship!


Note: As part of my final project for Bodies on the Line, a graduate seminar taught by Dr. Harmony Bench in the Department of Dance at OSU, I’m documenting the process of creating a series of duets that address repetition, interchangeability, translation as commentary, and the body as an archive. You can view all of the blogs in this series here.

In my first post, I discussed the background, methodology, and goals for my duet project, and introduced a bit of the theory behind the project. In mid-March, I held my first rehearsal with Quilan Arnold, a 2nd Year MFA in the Department of Dance.

1.158174 Anna Deveare Smith in her one-woman show, “Let Me Down Easy”

Part of what prompted my project was Anna Deveare Smith’s performance Crossing the Lines at the Hemispheric Institute’s annual seminar in 2002. Smith is known for her embodiment of others’ experiences through her one-woman shows, in…

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