“STOP IT!” How MADTV Made Me Sane

Link to MADTV skit:

“Stop it!” – Bob Newhart (link to skit: https://youtu.be/h046gFGGZkU)

Somebody once described depression to me as a heavy, wet long sleeve shirt. The more you struggle to get it off, the tighter it clings to your skin. You’re able to squirm your head out of the top hole just to lose yourself within the darkness of the soaked fabric weighing against your soul. I would not go as far to say that I understand depression, but I know that feeling. Just this weekend I had fallen into a lackadaisical state due to a fun, but busy, week. Looking upon yet another hectic week in front of me, I had one free day to prepare myself for it. I didn’t. My lazy behind Netflixed and chilled all day long. And the next day, the thoughts that woke me up were ones that I fight so hard to stay away from: you idiot, you’re a waste, what the hell are you doing, shit, you might as well quit, why do you try, etc.

The negative voices bashing in my head had me jolting from squirming in my bed to blankly staring at the ceiling for minutes on end, dreading the thought of living through my responsibilities. I wanted to escape and stay hidden from the world knowing that, at the end of the day, it would all lead to me bashing myself even more for being a coward.

In the midst of the cerebral chaos, two words broke through my consciousness— STOP IT! Stop mentally choking yourself. Stop the negativity. Stop the voices. Stop it stop it stop it. And then my dad’s words came into my head, “all you have to do, is get out of bed… one accomplishment at a time.” And so I did, and I had a great day.

I am sharing this to say that if you’re struggling at all with pushing through the negative mental voices in your head, you’re not alone. For me, I could say, “stop it” because I was able to remember that I have people who care about me, who depend on me, and who have sacrificed for my success. Understanding that I am surrounded by love informs my ability to shut those voices down, if only for a moment, in order to get out of that soaked shirt and move on in my narrow path. You’re also loved. You’re also supported. Don’t let your mind shun you from the greatness that you’re meant to bestow upon this world. 

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  1. So true! Needed this as of late. I know all too well the overwhelmed feel of “I have this chunk of time that I could use to prepare and make this week flow smoother” ..and instead I use it for nothing. One step at a time and jolting myself out of that spiral of self-downing is definitely what gets me through it, too. Thank you for sharing and I hope/know your upcoming week will go well ❤ !!

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